"How Synapse Summit was #Trending Nationally on Twitter" - American Inno

We were recently featured in American Inno’s subsidiary, Tampa Bay Inno, for successfully getting our client, Synapse, and their 5,500+ person event, Synapse Summit, trending nationally on Twitter. Read the full article here.

“Curious as to how a company with a three-person digital marketing team could accomplish such a feat in 80 days? Well, 100 days ago, the Synapse team, as we prepped for the big Synapse Summit, wondered this ourselves… The prior year’s social media campaign was foundational to building Synapse’s brand locally. This was the year that the bar needed to be set. Daniel Cura with Tidal Marketing, Wes Lehman with Urban Buffalo Marketing, and Loran Jarrett with Synapse developed an aggressive strategy with 75 days leading up the event. Then, they worked that plan…

Cura had the most interaction on Synapse’s Twitter account and explained, ‘Synapse Summit trending nationally is a testament to how passionate people are about Synapse’s message of innovation and entrepreneurship in Florida and beyond.’”